Gnarly Mountain Bike Fitness


This page is for all my MTB fitness endevors. Loved BMX as a kid. Grew up, stopped riding at 13, got a career and didn’t pick up Mountain Biking untill I was almost 32. I’m not addicted to Mountain Biking. Luckily, my love for fitness has prepped me for the extreme tolls mountain biking can take on your body. From just everyday riding to plowing down rock chutes, and crashing. Fitness is such an important part of riding. Hope this page helps you get better on your rides and make it more easier and fun!

Erwin Park Mckinney Texas MTB


When it comes to riding, I can’t stress how important core strength is. Your body is forced to move in all different directions when riding and jumping, hiting features. A strong core can ensure you react quicker, take the impacts and, and prevent injury.


Long rides and hard hitting ones both need your body to be at 100%. Having the right edurance level will also make rides more fun and let you go faster. Let’s admit, going fast is the best! Mobility training also allows you move your body and hips in accordance with the bike especially when hitting hard terrain. Your mountain bike can be a top of the line full suspension machine, but if you’re boday can’t handle it, you might as well be ridng a huffy.


A strong set of shoulders, arms, and legs can give you the power and protection you need when man handling the bike. Strong arms let you take hard impacts and handle bar bounce.

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