New Home During Pandemic

Paducah Home

If you want to challenge yourself here is how you do it. Enter a worldwide pandemic, take on a new role at work, finish DIY jobs at your current house, decide to sell your current house 3 months later, buy a home that is bigger and needs work all around, and try to move into that house within 4 months. Challenge accepted.

2020 was a wild year for all, harder for some more than others. We decided to buy a new home during all of this. Besides all that the 2020 pandemic threw at us, working from home and adjusting with a 3 year old around you all day was fun, but could be challenging. Or so I though until we bought a 23 year old home that needed to have popcorn ceilings removed, new paint, floors, fixtures, kitchen remodel, wall additions, etc. Mind you we didn’t have to do any of that, but we wanted our forever home and to be in the Frisco ISD so our child could go to school there.

So in October 2020 we started our journey and took title of our new home on the 14th with a move out date in our current home of October 30th. So we had 2 weeks with 2 homes. In that time I started ripping off the old popcorn cieling. Which was the most messy thing I’ve ever done and took me about a week to do, after which a contractor came in and finished up and re-textured the cielings.

Stay tuned for more pix and how the journey went…..s