Pitbull and Crazy Stain at Big Cedar

Crazy Stain Pitbull Big Cedar

I live 45 minutes from Big Cedar trails in Dallas Texas and yet I keep going back there consistently for the mix of trails, tech, downhill, and elevation change. There is pretty much something here for everyone.

I’ve always loved hitting Pitbull on the MUTT (Mixed Up Technical Terrain) but at times it was neglected. However in 2019 they did a nice revamp to it and it’s pretty much up and running. On this run in mid June 2020 I was able to hit all of Pitbull for the first time which was a goal of mine going back a year.

I was also able to find the whale tail feature that I could never find. Good thing I finally downloaded Trail Forks to get a better understanding of the trail and also being able to ride parts of the trails in reverse, carefully, to get to to where I wanted faster.

Crazy Stain is the downhill expert line that has the famous wall ride, a few jumps and also the magical, never been able to find, whale tail! I was super stoked today to find it and rode the heck out of them. I also utilized the return line to Pitbull after make complete runs down. Once at the bottom you pretty much have to walk up which is still a workout given the steepness of the terrain.