Finding MUTT at Big Cedar

The quickest way to find MUTT at Big Cedar in Dallas

Big Cedar is my favorite trails in Dallas. But it’s still a confusing trail especially when you are wanting to find certain trails. I’ve been there 3 times so maybe I need more ride time to get to know the trails better. However, even when I ask people they don’t know where stuff is either. My goal today was to ride MUTT (Mixed Use Technical Terrain).

Luckily on this day, the trail stewards were building and were able to point me to a quick way to find MUTT. Checkout my video below on how to get there and some footage from the day at Big Cedar in Dallas.

Sorry if some parts of the video are shaky. I didn’t have my helmet tight enough and the GoPro kept shaking around like a mad man!

Below is also a link to my first look at Big Cedar. Thanks to all the trail workers that maintain this trail and keep it fun!