Katie Jackson Trail - Sept 2019 Ride

Katie Jackson Trail September 2019 North Dallas Riding

This trail has become a regular for me to ride early mornings. Located in North Dallas near George Bush and Dallas Parkway, it’s 10 minutes from my work in Addison and is a quick and fun ride. I especially love hitting the 4 different drops they have on the north section. The Maverick Drop is my favorite by far with lots of speed and off camber turns.

After hitting the drops my next stop is usually the jump section. These jumps are meticulously maintained and fun to hit. Although they may be more aimed toward BMX riding, you can hit these on a full size mountain bike as long as you carry enough speed and hit them just right. Katie Jackson has starter level jumps as well as others that will launch you into the trees. The latter I have not hit myself. Be sure to keep the jumps clean and throw the carpet or tarps back on if needed. Big props to the trail stewards at Katie Jackson for keeping this North Dallas trail well maintained! Enjoy the video below.