TURBO Coffee Bootcamp

Turbo Coffee Boot Camp at Shacks at Austin Ranch

This was the first fitness related event held at Turbo Coffee. As part of a new cross-marketing venture, Stacy and myself held an outdoor boot camp in the parking lot outside this amazing little coffee shop / wine bar.

It was down right hot out, but we made the best of it. Overall the workout was comprised of utilizing the environment around us.

Overall the workout was comprised of Railing Pull ups, high knees on the curbs, push-ups, burpees, partner resistance band squats, and lunges. We also incorporated some competitive parts where participants would line up and do various moves such as butt kicks, resistance band pulls, and sprints.

As mentioned it was hot but we made the best of it. Coach Sweating with Stacy brought the energy and made sure people were having fun. I can’t wait to help co-train another class at this location, when it is cooler! Afterwards we grabbed drinks and snacks at Turbo. Check out Turbo Coffee the staff is amazing, the drink selection is on point, and its a great place to chill with a friend or get some work done on the fly.